Friday, January 18, 2019

Building Community… One Photograph, Name Tag, and Cup of Coffee at a Time

When someone new enters into the midst of an established group, it can seem as though everyone knows everyone else already.  Fitting in can feel like a daunting task.  When I first came to St. Andrew’s almost 16 years ago the thing that helped me feel like I belonged was that people seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me.  Now, when I look around on Sunday mornings, I see a lot of new faces and that gladdens my heart!  We all have a desire within us to know and to be known.  There are practical ways to help that process along.

Instant Church Directory Online

Did you know that we have an online directory?  It is a very valuable tool to help all of us get to know each other.  It can be accessed on your Apple, Android or Kindle Fire device with a free app, or on your computer.  It’s easy!
  1. Go to your device’s App Store
  2. Search for Instant Church Directory and download the app
  3. Enter your email as it is listed in our directory
  4. Follow the directions to set up your unique log in.  Please note: only those who are in our directory will be able to access it. 
To get it on your computer go to and click on the “create a login now” link.

It takes about five minutes to set up, but then you will have access to photos and be able to text, call or email directly through the app.  What a time-saver!  And it is always up-to-date according to the latest and best information we have in the office.  If you need help, I will gladly assist you.

Name Tags

Wearing our name tags is a great way to help all of us learn each other’s names.  If you are new to St. Andrew’s and have not received your name tag, please let me know and we will order one for you.  Everyone else, please remember to wear your name tag on Sunday!  It is a big help!

A Cup of Coffee (or juice or hot tea)

Visiting over a good cup of coffee is a great way to break the ice and get to know one another.  Thanks to a team of volunteers we have coffee and snacks between services and after the 10:30 service.  Let’s all make it a point to stop in the lobby for a few minutes to welcome new folks and begin getting to know them and introducing them to others. 

Also, our rector, Anne, and her husband, John, are about to resume Coffee and Conversation, whereby groups of 10-12 people are invited to their condo for a visit.  Be looking for an email that will have a survey to help us as we set up the groups and send out invitations.  Please take a minute to answer that brief, two question survey.

Rachel Roby
Paris Administrator

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