Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Multi-Use Community Outreach Facility Already Underway - Here's What's Happening so Far

As we are forming the Building Implementation Team to oversee and foster the functioning of the Multi-Use Community Outreach Facility, people in our community are already reaching out to us with requests to use the former day school classrooms. Here is a brief summary of what is happening so far:

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning the Hilton Community Playgroup meets in the basement classrooms and cafeteria. Comprised of preschool aged children and their parents, this group also enjoys the use of our "little people" playground adjacent to Ferguson Ave. The group began meeting at St. Andrew's almost a year ago as a co-op. Due to the great success in fulfilling a need for young children in our neighborhood, the group expanded and became the Hilton Community Playgroup in June of this year.

Classical Conversations is an organization that provides group classroom instruction to home-schooled students. They serve around 50 students age 4-16 and meet all day on Thursdays. Their first session was September 5, and they are scheduled to meet for 30 weeks and use all of the areas that comprised our former day school, including the cafeteria and both playgrounds.

An ACT Study Group began meeting last Saturday to help high school students prepare for the college admissions test. They are led by our former day school librarian, Tracy Crooks and currently plan to meet for 5 Saturdays with the option to continue should there be a need.

Plans are also underway to establish a Writing Center for anyone who needs help with writing projects or who wants to hone their writing skills. This project was proposed and will be led by Nicole Emmelhainz, one of our newest church members and a professor at CNU.

Earlier this year our facility was used for International Baccalaureate (IB) testing of local high school students.

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